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Cookie policy

B P Collins LLP uses website cookies on many pages of this Site and this policy provides information on the importance of them for the business and for the browser. It covers how and when we use cookies and what they are used for.

Cookies are used to distinguish your browser, and sometimes you, from other users of our website and to enhance efficiency and your browsing experience.

What are cookies?

A 'cookie' is a small file stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive, containing certain information about your online browsing. Cookies help the Site to recognise your browser as a previous site visitor and to personalise your browsing.

What cookies do we use?

This Site uses the following cookies:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies help you navigate the website and allow the features to work effectively. 
  2. Performance cookies: These cookies enable us to gather information about how your browser uses the website, what pages you visit and which pages are visited most frequently. They are used to improve our understanding of how our website works and develop our content strategy.
  3. Tracking cookies: We use cookies to identify individual users to our website.
  4. Third Party cookies and web beacons: We provide links to other websites and social media platforms to help browsers share content relevant to their network of followers. Some third parties deploy an action tag/pixel tracker, known as a web beacon, which acts as a unique identifier.

Strictly Necessary cookies

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These are Expression Engine cookies. These cookies are set upon arrival to the Site and some are deleted when a user closes their browser, the others have a variable expiry date.

They allow us to carry information from page to page and avoids creating the need for users to re-enter information. They provide a responsive browser experience.


These cookies store information about the visitor from the registration fields within our forms. These are stored for 14 days.

Performance cookies

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These cookies collect statistical data for Google Analytic reports. They operate in an anonymous way to provide information on how visitors use the site, from the source of the visitor and what pages they visit.

The data helps the firm to understand what platforms and technology browsers are using to ensure the Site performs effectively. These cookies are stored until the end of a browsing session.

Tracking cookies

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We utilise a software platform called Canddi to track individual users to the Site. Completing an enquiry form will cause the tracking code to be activated. If you click on a link from a firm email to the Site, it will be tracked and may result in a follow up enquiry.  Deleting your browser cookie history will stop the tracking.

Third Party cookies

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We utilise a content sharing platform called AddThis that allows browsers to share content to others via emails or social media channels.

Due to the legal nature of the content this Site provides, we welcome content being shared with businesses and private individuals.

By using AddThis functionality, you agree with the use of these cookies within this Site.

Controlling cookies

The majority of browsers allow you to control cookies through the browser settings. You can disallow, delete or disable cookies via the help menu however, this can affect your browsing experience in the future. 


On the first visit to the Site, you are advised we use cookies and asked to accept use of cookies. Accepting cookies means you are consenting to the use of cookies. You will not be asked again during future visits.

Other useful information

You can find additional information using the following links:

About cookies on our website

Our Site uses cookies to improve your experience of certain areas of the Site and to allow the use of specific functionality, such as social media page sharing. You may delete and block all cookies from this Site, but as a result, parts of the Site may not work as intended.

To find out more about our cookies policy, please visit here.

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